B. Bill Randal

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Writer / Director / Game Developer / Narrative Content Creator

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    Academy of Art University / San Francisco, CA

    *Degree / A.F.A. in Motion Picture & Television Dept. 2016

    *Degree / B.F.A. in Motion Picture & Television Dept. 2019

        Honors / Distinction in the Major, Top Alumni Score Feat. Screenwriting, Festival Winner

        Relevant Studies & Training / Screenwriting, Directing, Cinematography, Producing, Game Development



     Write, edit, and consult for short & feature screenplays, treatments, outlines, and pitches

     Work plotting and structural problems for multiple mediums

     Conceptualize cinematic interactive gameplay narratives for studios and developers

     Wide repertoire of film and gaming knowledge

     Skilled at Blogging/Youtube, Op-Eds, Documentaries, Film Reviews & Social Media


Creative Works


   "Magnum Opus"    (Spec Game Narrative - Writer / Developer - Horror)

The real Freddy Lorraine returns to bribe his heirs to earn their due inheritance by turning lead into gold.


 "The Doodler"    (Feature Screenplay - Historical Thriller)

Struggling internally against Christianity, the black community, gay community and SFPD, the Doodler sketches and kills men to rationalize his sexuality.

        *Winner Best Screenplay / America’s Rainbow Film Festival HBO

        *Winner Best Screenplay / Genre Celebration Festival

        *Finalist Cannes Screenplay Contest Historical Category

        *Finalist Screenplay Festival

        *Finalist TeaDance Gay & Lesbian Film Festival


 "The Doodler 'Homocides'"    (Short Documentary - Writer / Director - True Crime)

        *Finalist Best Documentary / America’s Rainbow Film Festival HBO

        *Finalist SF Frozen Film Festival


 "Magnum Opus"    (Feature Screenplay - Horror)


 “Apt. Limbo”    (Spec Short Script - Horror)

A horror film fanatic confronts her noisy dead neighbor.


“Edon Isle"    (Spec Game Narrative - Writer / Developer - Science Fiction)  

A royal family participates in a global lottery to be the last living human and earn a place with the Gods.


 "The Grid"    (Spec Short Script - Science Fiction)  

A couple survive year one of an EMP attack to find themselves fighting for another day.


“Lechery“    (Spec Short Script - Experimental)

A man is sadistically punished for his lecherous ways.


 “2050”    (Spec Short Script - Comedy Skit)

Reporters discover effects of global consciousness when time-zones are eliminated on New Year's Eve, 2050.


“The Magician”    (Spec Short Script - Experimental)

A Warlock selects the Magician Tarot Card as his future identity.

        *Winner Best Film / AAU Experimental Festival


 “Congelation Sabbat”    (Spec Short Script - Experimental)

A dark ceremony is performed to amalgamate dual sexual forces.

        *Winner Best Film / AAU Experimental Festival


“The Grinning Man”    (Spec Short Script - Science Fiction)

The Cryptid known as the Grinning Man pays a visit to two roommates.


“John McLaren & The Golden Gate Park” - Short Documentary - Director - Historical)

Superintendent John McLaren and how he created the beautiful Golden Gate Park.


 "Agraphobia”    (Spec Short Script / Director - Experimental)  

A man is effected by the bigotry of homophobic news reports.

        *Finalist Epidemic Film Festival


 "The Middle Man”    (Spec Short Script / Director - Science Fiction)

An elderly man unlocks repressed memories of an alien abduction in his youth.